Mapko Connects Community Gardens

2023 ∙ Grantový projekt ∙ Aktivní


Project is conducted under the framework of the PILOT ACTION 5 Garden BnB – An exchange platform between actors involved with community gardens or agrifood systems of the ACCTING Project.

Project Description

Our initiative, “Mapko Connects Community Gardens,” is focused on leveraging the platform to map community gardens across the Czech Republic, with a significant presence in Prague where we manage over 50 gardens. This project aims to improve user experience and encourage active participation from all community members, especially targeting vulnerable groups such as the elderly, single mothers, migrants, socially excluded individuals, and low-income families.

By conducting detailed surveys, we seek to understand the current involvement of these communities in gardening and identify barriers they face. The goal is to determine how participating in community gardening can improve their socioeconomic conditions. This data helps us tailor our educational resources and support services to better serve their needs, ensuring that community gardening is accessible and beneficial for them.

Our projects pursues two goals:

  1. Enhance Access and Engagement: We aim to make the platform more user-friendly and informative, allowing users from various demographics, especially vulnerable populations, to easily locate and engage with community gardens. By doing so, we hope to encourage more active participation in gardening activities, which are essential for both personal well-being and environmental health.

  2. Socioeconomic Impact: Through targeted surveys and active feedback mechanisms, we plan to gather data on how community gardening affects the socioeconomic conditions of participants, particularly those from vulnerable groups. Our objective is to use this data to tailor educational programs and resources that meet the specific needs of these groups, thereby enhancing their quality of life and economic stability.

Through “Mapko Connects Community Gardens,” we strive to empower these individuals, enhance urban living, and strengthen community ties by providing the necessary tools and knowledge for successful urban agriculture.

About Accting: ACCTING (AdvanCing behavioural Change Through an INclusive Green deal) is an EU-funded project that analyses the impact of Green Deal policies on vulnerable groups and produces knowledge and innovations to advance behavioural change at individual and collective levels. Twelve partners – supported by a wide network of researchers – collect, analyse, and translate extensive data into a new research agenda, policy recommendations, and innovative pilot actions for an inclusive and equal EU Green Deal.


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